im too sleepy from dinner + CSI dvds to denounce anything but maybe a couple ideas if you lot dont mind...

for a long time i considered things like javascript and lingo to be everything you can do has already been predicted. whats the point of wondering "how do i..??" when working within a scripting "language"? im not 100% sure about this anymore tho.

also not really sure if the nintendo stuff is hacking? i mean, yes the cart has had a chip or two replaced but if you look at the work, it's mostly created using other people's tools, they just happen to be tools made outside of the microsoft system. or if you'd want to check the source code, sometimes big chunks are lifted from other people's code - the real hackers of the NES who you can find on to me the only "hack" i might have done was the idea...chilling in my dorm room one day and realized that the guts of a nintendo deck are just a computer and there must be a way to reprogram it and make it into an art practice.
its kinda like with the electronic musicians of 40 years ago, there was a real divide between the instrument builders and the composer/musicians/artists. when one crossed into the other make a contemporary parallel i'll just pull a name of out a hat here and say john maeda - the work doesn't really go from strength to strength does it? it was only with rare birds like david tudor [a constant source of inspiration for me] that both practices were synthesized...maybe that's "hacking"??

sally's point is well-taken, altho i still wonder what artists have to do with the "Hacker" stereotype. i might say your complaint is with "fake-hackers" [fackers??]...people who use some random knowledge of a technical system to exert control. maybe a good example was in around 2000/01 when that real-time video stuff NATO came out for max/msp [before jitter - sorry about the lingo...ouch did it again] and i noticed that everyone i met who was actually into using NATO was A. male and B. a complete dickhead...and they were into using it mostly because they thought they were only ones who could. this kind of behavior is what i can find amongst techy artists [like the bike thing] and, altho found in plenty of so-called hackers, is actually something else. i mean, there is something that make you roll your eyes with elements of the tech nerd/slashdot/IT/crowd. but i love hackers because i think lots of what they do is retarded/amazing and often inspirational.

- p.d. 1-16-2007 3:20 am

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