i think what i mean tho is hacker culture has been aestheticized, had its terminology borrowed and appreciated in a new [post-ironic?] way by some artists but thats about it. because in reality ppl are still making programming languages - processing, PD - just for artists much in the same mold as Macromedia Director in the late 80's/early 90's.

i cant really think of a single artist i know who i'd consider a real hacker, or many that do much "sophisticated breaking of technology". there's a lot of ham-fisted breaking of technology [yours truly] which is lovely but i'm just making the argument that this stuff mostly sits next to you in the default category. and i'm wondering if the two categories - hacking/default - are more simply aesthetic choices than anything else??
- p.d. 1-16-2007 6:06 am

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