the difference between "defaults" and "hacking" is subtle, theyre usually quite similar in their lofi-ness, and opposition to maeda/processing/etc ..

the table is more JODI vrs. Tom Moody, and the difference there is way more than aesthetic -- JODI is about the anxiety of dealing with the technology, while Tom is the banality of it being everywhere used by everyone.

"sophisticated" is perhaps the wrong word, but it was sort of a joke/oxymoron.. sophisticated breaking.. something like circuit bending is definitely ham-fisted and fun, poking random wires around.. but its still light years ahead of making a doodle in MS Paint, which is purposefully blind/naive that the technology is even there.. "default" work tends to focus more on the people using the technology rather than the technology itself

p.d. i definitely understand what you mean about the nintendo stuff being a naive kind of hacking, still not completely aware of what exactly the technology is doing
- guthrie 1-16-2007 9:59 am

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