#1 is hard, actually, cos there really aren't many [twas my point]. maybe luigi russolo? harry partch? in more popular music maybe arnold dolmetsch, bruce haack, les paul [yikes!], raymond scott...altho doubtful if they really started as builders before composers. there was a 17th century guy i remember from music school called werckmeister who wrote theory treatieses and a book on organ building and later composed, you probably have an option for the "Werckmeister I/II/III" tunings in some of your vst synths. i'msure there are obvious ones im missing but it seems the best crossover stuff seems to go the other way - creative first, nerd later.

#2 also hard i think - whats the difference between an artist "buffaloeing" [great word, btw] a curator vs. the usual techniques: sleeping with them, getting them a job, having their gallerist sleep with them, etc? gotta have an angle. you new york lot are thick like congressional republicans anyway - always writing about and curating each other for no good reason :P

guthrie i'd have to go opposites on this one, JODI blog: definately default - nothin anxiety-inducing about html in 2007, T.M. blog: slightly hacking cos we all get to take things apart and put them back together again.

- p.d. 1-18-2007 1:03 am

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