In the interest of taking things apart--

I don't know Maeda's story vis a vis the ICA and Fondation Cartier. I know his shows in New York did not go over with the art-erati. (As in critics, gallerists) He's an admitted outsider to the "discourse."

But he has this mystique which I believe is separate and apart from all the routine schmoozing you're talking about. And I believe it's rooted in the ignorance/anxiety of museum curators. He talks the code talk and they can't check him on it but they need an example of a "cyber artist" to stay current.

They should be picking from the pool that likes the skanky default side, not this scientistic bullshit. The only way that happens is by shaming them that they're picking a square, instead of saying "la de da it all comes out in the wash." (Update: by square I'm referrring to things like putting junk food on a scanner to make a "food landscape" or making a mouse sculpture or digitally "averaging" all the Warhol soup cans--all of which Maeda has done, and they're just hokey ideas, I'm sorry. I try to backbite for a reason.)

This is definitely a case of nerd first, creative later. And I'm just picking on Maeda as the point person--there are others. It's a trend.
- tom moody 1-18-2007 1:40 am

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