Paddy's review missed the mark entirely. Her 'derivative' crit simply doesn't hold up. Most egregiously, 'What's Up Tiger Lily' has absolutely nothing to do with 'Untitled Translation Exercise' and I don't see how a comparison is apt at all. Why not compare it to silent movies with unique sound tracks?

That's not to say that Rhiz and Eyebeam shouldn't have covered the review. It would have been nice to have a dicussion about it in the Rhizome forum.

My personal feeling re: these crits is that some folks are uncomfortable with Cory stepping out of his 8-bit roots. IMHO Cory did exactly what he needed to do with this show: he didn't change the core themes in his work but expanded the formal language.

Everyone knows I'm a big fan of Cory (both personally and professionally) so take my comments with that in mind :-)
- twhid 6-06-2007 7:59 pm

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