Anon: "Sorry, I don't understand this. This show was over 9 months ago...why are you bringing it up now? The "recent writings" are from two months ago and are both favorable. The only beligerent writing I've seen recently comes from this website which, at this point, comes across as needlessly hostile toward a fellow peer."

Anon: I really don't buy the thought that because a show occured just under a year ago that it doesn't warrent discussion. It received very little on the web at the time, and personally, I think if something reminds us of issues we feel unresolved we should bring them up.

Also, there is at least some suggestion in this note that the sentiments expressed in the post are primarly Tom's, when you'll note that in both previous threads there are tons of people who are happy to engage, often offering negative opinions.

- Paddy 6-07-2007 8:30 am

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