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twhid said: "some folks are uncomfortable with Cory stepping out of his 8-bit roots"

The presence or absence of an 8-Bit sensibility in "...participatory culture"--now there's a topic. It wasn't what Paddy was talking about in her review but if it's the smoldering "hidden agenda" behind all criticism of the show then someone should maybe articulate it. As I recall Artforum thought the absence of an 8-Bit agenda was a good thing.

"Swept them under the rug"--the lack of institutional acknowledgement of Johnson's review. Aren't Eyebeam and Rhizome supposed to be about "work on the cusp of art and technology"? If Johnson was in fact "uncomfortable with Cory stepping out of his 8-bit roots" perhaps a wider audience deserved to know about that and weigh in.
- tom moody 6-07-2007 9:59 am

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