t.m. - lingering BEIGE issues per the previous thread...one i'd like to hear your thoughts on is the persistence of pop culture source material. "we grew up on cable tv, thats all we know, so of course we're making blah blah blah". it fuels this notion that existing cultural objects are the end all be all of content - like there's so much stuff out there it's pointless to create your own source or even like some dj spooky style "remix culture" justification bullshit - even when content isn't supposed to matter.

now it feels like that is an excuse. it's like admitting that the only gesture you're capable of making as an artist is actually "the edit", and i really dont want to be an editor. with the computer, when what you're dealing with are formats, it's especially prevelant. you only have to change one bit to bring the whole thing down (existing digital copy of some cultural object)...but which bit is best? once you start thinking like that you're off in the land of XYZ's again.

i knwo you haven't seen it but in my show i think my work failed in this regard. messing with cremaster 3 was obvious and hence accessible, and then also messing with rick james, rihanna, the cranberries, homemade youtube videos and ultimate fighting championships was meant to suggest that specific content didn't matter (even taking into consideration that one of the vids was a jacob/paperrad collab and that's what they do). but the source did matter - no matter how haX0r3d the compression codec was and hence how messed up the picture on the wall looked.

- p.d. 6-07-2007 4:11 pm

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