"now it feels like that is an excuse. it's like admitting that the only gesture you're capable of making as an artist is actually "the edit", and i really dont want to be an editor.... you only have to change one bit to bring the whole thing down (existing digital copy of some cultural object)...but which bit is best? once you start thinking like that you're off in the land of XYZ's again."

Since your fellow BEIGE member Cory Arcangel often refers to this in his performances and interviews , especially of late , ( the idea that he is only changing/removing/adding one element, concept, idea, function...ie : Sans Simon, Slow Tetris, TAC, Super Mario Clouds, Sweet Sixteen, Colors, Bruce Springsteen...etc etc ) as his specific motivation and tool for his work are you saying his work is XYZ or unsuccessful in some way ?

- M&MA 6-07-2007 6:28 pm

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