First, M&MA's question:
"the idea that he is only changing/removing/adding one element, concept, idea, function."
That's a lot of things you've just listed. I think it passed XYZ.
Also, Warhol said simplistic things like "I have others paint my paintings"--do you believe him?
Maybe you shouldn't take artist's statements at face value.

p.d.'s question was aimed at what "we artists" do, not what works for a specific artist. If you can do it with one cut, great, you just saved yourself a lot of work. It might take a hundred, though. Or you might do a hundred and lie and say it was only one. Every piece is different.

As far as pop culture or computerized culture as subject matter, that's the ocean we're swimming in. Attempts to step outside of it (realist painting like the old guys did, pure abstraction supposedly outside of history) generally don't ring true. It still ends up being mediated despite attempts to purify yourself.

But there are so many ways to manipulate crap culture--ultimately it's what you invest in it as an artist. You decide the parameters, and whether simplicity or complexity is a virtue. This sounds like a homily, I guess it's my way of saying it's important to have a program but best not to be too doctrinaire.
- tom moody 6-07-2007 7:43 pm

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