Please don't tell me what my intention is Tom. It's just a question. Take it easy, please. It's just a blog comment. Who argues on a blog, really ? Seriously. To say that my measly little question has the potentional to " stir shit up " and start an internal BEIGE war is really overestimating this here situation and underestimating the members of BEIGE.

If someone merely is perceived to disagree with you, which I wasn't, you call them belligerant in tone. It's really silly. I know what my intention is because I was the one who wrote the question, you do not. You should be more respectful. I don't understand your defensiveness.

It' s an honest question taking into consideration a few past posts referencing BEIGE member ( Cory Arcangel ) where his work in his recent Team show was compared to BitStreams, a step back you said. You, in a previous post, used BitStreams as an example of unsuccessful XYZ art; unsuccessful digital one-liners. There was a lengthy discussion on VWork, cloning, XYZ art which p.d. was also a part of when Cory was a topic. It was brought up again here and I thought it a relevant question considering the past discussions.

- anonymous 6-07-2007 10:04 pm

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