bah! busy -- would like to post more (i know, very lame to cite my personal busy-tude) but...

re: specific questions on UTE
if UTE is, in part, about the out-sourcing hitting US white collar industries then isn't it apt to attach outsourcing to the USA's #1 export: hollywood films? Perhaps better put: the biggest movie industries in the world: bollywood and hollywood -- could UTE be seen as a mash-up of the two? Granted D&C isn't a poster child of the hwood flick, but it's subject matter (adolescent mid-american nostalgia) being outsourced does seem rather pithy to me. Is it a one-liner? Perhaps, but so is "I think therefor I am." (Submitted only to illustrate that one-liners aren't necessarily always one inch deep not to compare Arcangel to Descartes or UTE to the famous quote.)

re: the WUTL and UTE comparison.
I don't feel the comparison is illustrative because the agendas are completely different. Allen uses it as a comic device to tell a completely different story. The comedy comes from the wacky plot and dialogue transposed against the earnest Japaneses b-movie actors. The gestures are completely different IMHO but inspired by dubbed foreign films however.
- twhid 6-07-2007 11:59 pm

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