i live in austin, tx, where dazed and confused 'takes place.' cory's piece is actually a pretty great commentary on the economy here. austin has a huge tech industry, and it's crashed before. it's constantly under the threat of getting outsourced to india. pairing the video track from dazed and confused, an artifact of 'old austin,' pre-tech boom, with outsourced indian voices is pretty brilliant if you know that context. i completely understand paddy's issues with the piece, tho. it doesn't need to be feature-length, the narrative doesn't support it too much (without knowing the context of the city it represents and its economy), but excessiveness in art isn't anything new. it's a high-concept piece, the concept is a huge part of it,. and like a lot of conncept-driven work, tedium is important. cf almost anything by james benning.
- anonymous 6-07-2007 11:59 pm

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