Slacker was Austin; Dazed was supposed to be the smaller East Texas town where Linklater grew up, as I recall. It may have been filmed in Austin but isn't notable for its Austin locations, is it?

I don't get how it's a comment on outsourcing. Dubbing films into other languages is done all the time--that's not outsourcing. This was English to English--the accents are jarring, so what?

Dazed definitely isn't Hollywood, it's Indy. It's not some trash--it's a good movie. Why ruin it? Again, all I get out of it is how important sound is to the feel of a film, in this case, it's American-ness and sense of melancholy. When you change it, you ruin the film.

Is it supposed to be funny is or is it supposed to be a grueling ordeal? We ought to be able to answer this.
- tom moody 6-08-2007 2:56 am

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