m&ma: i was talking specifically about failures i've found with my own work - so no - but then wondering if they were applicable on a larger scale...in theory to any BEIGE stuff. once a process (i like to say algorithm) Y is set up, you can mess about trying to figure out what X you can put in to get what Z, and then what's the best Z, and then what X will give it to you. these days the Ys interest me, the Xs/Zz do not. so for me, with my set of criteria, had i made super slow tetris then yeah it's XYZ.

but for a corollary let's look at mario clouds, a piece i don't think you understand, because with mario clouds nothing is deleted and there is no removal. mario is not erased from the existing code, he simply isn't drawn to the screen by the new code. the blocks on the bottom of the screen aren't erased to reveal more blue sky, there are tiles of blue sky drawn to those locations on the screen. it's not a tweak, it's a completely original write - albeit a very small and technically simple one. the only argument for a one element tweak is that almost the exact same code runs landscape study, but at the time mario clouds was made i dont think you could consider landscape study a pop culture element waiting to be manipulated. it's not XYZ and to me it's just as bangin' in 2007 as it was in 2003. you should take a look for yourself sometime: an excellent tutorial and all the code, with comments, has been freely available at beigerecords.com/cory for 4 years now.
- p.d. 6-08-2007 5:03 am

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