sure. it just feels like that after all the work i did to get the art cracked open, to use the NES console to do what i wanted it to do and not play a pre-programmed cartridge, there's still all the debris leftover from what the Nintendo used to be that clouds the point of the work. Mario is usually a hook to the thing - not the thing - but most ppl really struggle to get past him. using existing cultural references provides an easy access point to work which, otherwise, might be tricky to grasp purely as a concept (the most conceptually difficult thing about computers for an art viewer is that they're boring). but at some point the cultural references actually obscure the real piece, or even become the piece, and i usually find comments on pop culture to be pretty boring as well. for me, there is a conflict between a Nintendo NES's messy cultural patina and its clean internal computational processes that i have not been able to resolve in 8 years.

- p.d. 6-09-2007 12:21 am

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