Late to the party, but --

Seeing "Slow Tetris" in reality was great. It evoked a very special feeling in me that was a mindboggling amplification of what i suppose every computer user (and tetris player sometimes) knows: Sitting in front of the machine, knowing exactly what has to be done next, just wanting to finish the routine task, but it doesn't work. It's too slow, the user interface sucks (coz almost all interfaces nowadays are made for first time use and not repetitive use) -- i could already have done everything but still there is something in the way, some shitty software design, preventing me from doing the most normal and common thing, that worked already in 1982.

"Slow Tetris" brings this to a spiritual experience. It turned all the frustration, after some time, into something beautiful, that i did not know before existed. Cool art!
- drx 6-26-2007 1:14 am

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