Hi, Steve,
It was nice meeting you in the gallery yesterday. I'm following up with some info about the "Software" show at the Jewish Museum in 1970. Artist Jack Burnham organized it and it included Nicholas Negroponte, Les Levine, and others. To give you a flavor of the times, one artist pulled his work because the show was sponsored by American Motors, a polluter (in all fairness, the piece was about air pollution). Grace Glueck reviewed the show in the Sept 26, 1970 New York Times. The magazine I was trying to remember was called "Radical Software" (see the May 2002 Artforum for details). It was the publishing vehicle for the Raindance Corporation, a video collective, which was the brainchild of artist Frank Gillette. It ran from 1970-74. The covers (reproduced in Artforum) feature some early cyber-graphics that look pretty cool.
All the best, Tom Moody

- tom moody 6-23-2002 7:29 am

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