I was thinking that a good use for the now ubiquitous web haiku would be a collection of 404 haikus. Presently, if you request a page on this site that does not exist, you see this lame page (404 is the error code for page not found.) Wouldn't it be more interesting if you were served up a random 404esqe Haiku instead? Maybe something like:

Many grains of sand
can be hidden on the beach
you look in vain here

...only better. Anyone feel inspired?
- jim 10-28-2000 7:55 pm

youve been led astray
nothing to see here people
so keep it moving

that for which you seek
is a goal not to be reached
at least on these shores

where does the time go
when all the (de)signs say closed
lets never go home

404, oh well
now youre down in dotcom hell
discode inferno

you have lost your way this place has no use for faith your truth lies elsewhere
- dave 10-28-2000 10:15 pm [add a comment]

Forget the foreign poetry; try a Triad:

Three things which are not here:
What you want;
What you need;
What you came for...

- alex 10-30-2000 3:13 am [add a comment]

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