well if gore looses cause of one vote for nader in the state of new jersey you can blame me for the shitty next four years. The long line really did not warent the 20 min pluss wait at ps whatch-ma-callit . I'm just saying the line should have gone a little faster. No reason for more than a few secs. of empty booth syndrom between votes. The polling clerks were real dolts.

Any ideas on watching this go down in real time on the net ? any new polls ? any hot scoops ? please post links. heard some analysts mentioning somthing about weirdness coming over from a late grudge report last night but couldnt catch it.
- bill 11-07-2000 3:16 pm

This one looks good for watching the results come in. And this Washington Post page looks similar, with their added commentary.
- jim 11-07-2000 4:29 pm [add a comment]

Just to play it safe and regardless of the election results I'm going to start blaming you for every bad thing that happens to me for the next four years, your martyrdom is much appreciated.
- jimlouis 11-07-2000 11:06 pm [add a comment]

  • Get in line behind my mother. Now I'm just another Nader spoiler (Not a dialed in and maxamised voter). These things are not lived down they're lived with. Congratulations to NY on Hillary by the way.
    - bill 11-08-2000 5:53 pm [add a comment]

    • well, nader supporters in ny/nj can breathe easily but some of those old codgers in florida and those tree huggers in oregon got some splaining to do. but if you cant take your home state youve got noone to blame but yourself.
      - dave 11-08-2000 7:52 pm [add a comment]

      • yeah, they do have some splainin' dont they. I dont think there were any provisions in Naders plan for that though. Saw some nice anti nader shit at salon today thats been there a while. That a third party only works in a parlamentary gvmt. etc.

        Also noted Bertlesmann in NYT again yesterday. This time saying they will split even profits from electronic books with their authors. See Dave Emory (spitfire) lectures archived (for down load) at west coast radio station KFJC calling out Bertl. for taking over American book publishing. Evidence of a revival in strength of German based fascism through their corporations.
        - bill 11-08-2000 8:17 pm [add a comment]

        • another option is instant runoff elections. on the first line you can vote your conscience and then if there is no clear winner on the first ballot, it drops to secondary votes for the major candidates. in this scenario gore would more likely have won but supporters of buchanan and browne would cut into the far left bloc making it still a very close contest in some states.
          - dave 11-08-2000 8:51 pm [add a comment]

          • NYT has the following pie splitz : W = 49 %
            Al = 48 %
            Ref = 0 %
            Grn = 2 %

            Thats a total of 99% (great math) / but still not much of a bite rounding up to 1 % / another example of ignoring the 1/3 rds.

            Any newer figs ?

            - bill 11-08-2000 10:28 pm [add a comment]

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