"You'll never eat Granola in this town again !"

I guess they'll come up with a term for the kind of Nader voter I am (NJ Democrats for Nader?). Like disingenuous so an so's...... What can I tell you ? I guess I was using the green party to shore up the Dems due to their abandonment (read shift to center) of the liberal left. In todays NYT James Dao caps off his column on THE GREEN PARTY with :

MR. Nader's campagne also seems to have caused squabbling within the Green movement itself. An Oregon based group called Greens for Gore whose members include a founding member of the green party, issued a blistering statement today accusing Mr. Nader of running a "reckless, irresponsible and totally counterproductive" campagne.

Judy Nicastro, a Seattle city councilwoman with both Green and Democratic ties, said she had scrapped plans to try to mediate peace talks between the two in Washington. "I am angry and disgusted." "I know I dont have it in me to be big enough to forgive Nader right now."

- bill 11-09-2000 3:15 pm

In Florida al an w are sepertaed by 3/100 ths of 1 % of the vote. Somthing like 3,400 votes for Buchanan in a palm beach co. district with only 400 registered to the Reform party ? 1900 ballots thrown out because voters (many black) voted twice on the flummoxing two sided "butterfly" ballot form. Lawsuits are already in place. I heard a CNN in caller on the conservative line saying "none of the school kids who reviewed the form in his class had any trouble filling out the ballot". Smacking of racism, Florida is the deap south. What news of missing ballot box from a low income district in Dade Co. ? Do we wait the full ten days (just 10 ?) for all the military mail ins ?
- bill 11-09-2000 3:55 pm [add a comment]

  • This election is becoming more and more interesting by the day, 90 million votes cast and as of this minute the Florida recount is showing something like a 750 vote difference, in Bush's favor, but with those 19,000 discarded Palm Beach votes, and other irregularities which will undoubtedly begin showing up as the days pass (and it will have to be days now before this thing is decided), I think this election is proving to be more than I could have hoped for, win lose or draw. And they showed a picture of that "butterfly" ballot in the NO Times Picayune today, and although voting is not rocket science, that ballot was more confusing than it needed to be.
    - jimlouis 11-09-2000 11:59 pm [add a comment]

    • Here's a good look at the ballot in question for anyone living under a rock.
      - jim 11-10-2000 12:54 am [add a comment]

      • and whats that supposed to mean!!
        - Skinny 11-10-2000 7:22 am [add a comment]

        • yeah, rocks are people too !
          - bill 11-10-2000 5:43 pm [add a comment]

  • via salon :

    Language experts rap Florida ballot By Laurie Asseo Nov. 9, 2000 | WASHINGTON (AP) -- Experts on writing easy-to-understand documents are shaking their heads over the disputed election ballot in Palm Beach County, Fla. "They could have predicted that this problem was going to occur if they had taken the time to test it first," Carolyn Boccella Bagin of the Center for Clear Communication in Rockville, Md., said Thursday. "It's clear that it's not clear." "If you had put 20 people in a voting situation and had them actually try to vote, the problem would have surfaced," added plain-language advocate Joseph Kimble, a professor at Thomas Cooley Law School in Lansing, Mich. Confusion over the way the county's punch-card style ballot was laid out led to more than 19,000 Palm Beach County ballots in Tuesday's presidential vote being thrown out because more than one candidate was picked. Candidates were listed on the ballot in two columns, with holes down the middle between the columns, to the right or the left of each candidate's name.

    "You have people everywhere writing documents and they never think, 'Let's try this out on a few members of the public,'" Kimble said. "Have them perform it and watch what they do." County election supervisor Theresa LePore said the ballot was drawn the way it was because there were so many candidates and she wanted the names to be large enough for older people to read. "I would even question the theory that they needed larger type," Bagin said, noting that older people generally have corrective lenses. Former Secretary of State James A. Baker III, sent by Republican nominee George W. Bush to oversee the GOP recount monitoring team in Florida, noted Thursday that the ballot had been posted in newspapers and public places and that no one complained at the time. But Kimble said that to find out whether a document is easily understood, it is not enough to let someone look at it. "You've got to have them use it," he said. Kimble said he found the situation ironic, given that Gore has been a plain-language backer as part of his reinventing government program. "This is Exhibit A in the continuing struggle for better business and government communications," Kimble said. Associated Press
    - bill 11-10-2000 8:22 pm [add a comment]

    • From The Henkey in Florida Desk

      Florida sent duplicate ballots overseas Defense Department employee alleges that some co-workers on an air base in England voted twice.

      By Carina Chocano Nov. 9, 2000 for Salon

      | At least five Florida residents serving at a U.S. Air Force base in England received two absentee ballots for this year's hotly contested presidential race, a civilian Department of Defense employee told Salon. Elaine Gatley, 48, a civil service executive secretary stationed at RAF Mildenhall in southeastern England, said Thursday that she and four fellow Floridians who work in her office received two ballots in the mail from the state of Florida. "At first I thought it was just a fluke," Gatley said. "But when I went to work the next day, I talked to my friends and they said, 'Yeah, I received two also.'" Gatley, a registered Democrat, completed and returned only one of the ballots she received. But she said that at least three of her fellow Floridians, all of whom are registered Republican, told her that they filled out and returned the second ballots as well. "These people thought there was something wrong with the original ballot," said Gatley, who is married to an Air Force serviceman. "They just sent the second ballot in, thinking maybe something was wrong." The duplicate ballots were mailed from election offices in at least three Florida counties -- Santa Rosa, Osceola and Hillsborough -- according to Gatley. The multiple ballots were sent to registered Democrats, as well as Republicans, she said. "But the majority of overseas military people are Republicans," added Gatley. "It's usually the spouses, you know, the civilians, who are Democrats." One of Gatley's Republican co-workers at the Air Force base confirmed to Salon that she had received two ballots from Florida. She requested that her name not be used. According to Gatley, the majority of the base's staff comes from Florida. Gatley was formerly employed at Eglin Air Force Base near Navarre, Fla. No one from other states with whom she spoke at Milden received more than one absentee ballot, said Gatley. According to a Florida Elections Board official, it's common for counties to send out sample ballots before mailing the official absentee ballot. The sample should be clearly labeled, said the official, who requested anonymity. The official also said that if someone sends in two ballots, election officials simply void one of them, not both. But told of this comment, Gatley said she could discern no difference between the two ballots she received, nor could her co-workers. She said neither ballot was clearly marked as a sample. Absentee ballots are still being counted in the controversial Florida race. Officials say the final absentee tally might not be completed for another eight or nine days. With George W. Bush clinging to a razor-thin lead in the Florida recount, the absentee-ballot tabulation has taken on critical importance.

      - bill 11-10-2000 9:44 pm [add a comment]

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