its never too early to start blogging.
- dave 5-25-2002 2:12 am

Nice drawings.
- tom moody 5-25-2002 2:25 am [add a comment]

with regards to the first joke, the same question might be asked of these chickens. what have we done to deserve this?
- dave 5-25-2002 2:43 am [add a comment]

For those who avoid the Times sign-in: it's an article about genetically modified, featherless chickens. I saw it in the newsprint edition. Yeuuch. At first I thought it was just to keep plucking costs down but I learned from the article it's also to keep chickens cool in overcrowded coops! The scientist seems really proud of himself: his discovery is a "boon to the third world," and all that. Of course, the birds fall over in a dead faint on exposure to sunlight, but that's not a problem, because...they'll never see it!! After calling the birds mutants in the first graf, the reporter gets right into the "science is our friend" spirit. I love our world.
- tom moody 5-25-2002 4:09 am [add a comment]

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