Back at work on the third of July; an abrupt transition. Head still full of canyons and meadows and rivers and mountains, receding now behind the city, but still there, finding a way through the cracks, the gaps, all the little spaces never quite paved over, in the city or in the mind.

I want to thank our hosts once more:
The RenHillWalls, who put us up in Bozeman, providing various sorts of guidance.
The Copelands, who installed us in their amazing Lucky Dog Lodge on the Gallatin.
The MacFaddens, whose beautiful cabin on the Smith River is no more than a fitting setting for their jewel of a daughter, Sarah, who was the major motivator behind the whole adventure.
Thanks to all, and to all the friends, old and new, who shared the good times.
May we meet again.

- alex 7-03-2002 7:57 pm

We'll meet again, for sure, Alex, and the rest of you. Sorry that our time together was so brief. I had intended to have you all over to my room, if only to show you that living spaces in Montana can be as small as NYC.

The food was incredible, the intoxicants were delicious, the women were beautiful - thanks for taking me in.
- Tom G 7-04-2002 1:23 am [add a comment]

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