i only caught the last few minutes of this documentary about a young vietnamese girl who comes to study in america but wish i had seen more. can you imagine the image of america one would construct if you were plucked from your home and stuck with a family of uncaring rednecks for your senior year of high school in rural mississippi?
- dave 8-07-2002 7:35 am

i saw that last night / the final sequence showed her in detroit trying to earn the other half of a one half scholarship to tulaine doing petacuire work on a beastly blond woman dressed in red white and blue who was very nice in a very condesending way / the young girl related to her that she liked her very much cause she reminded her of a friend of hers (she didnt mention the friend was a high school drag queen). the post script notes her return to vietnam to complete school there. america was a bust.

- bill 8-07-2002 6:24 pm [add a comment]

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