- steve 9-17-2002 5:32 pm

I'm interested in the homeless as a category that ranges across a wide spectrum of meanings. They can be corrupt manifestations of a society's illness, or happy-go-lucky nature spirits. This story made me think of the song The Jovial Begger, which includes the lines "In a hollow Tree I live, and pay no Rent; Providence provides for me, And I am well content."
On the recording, Maddy Prior changes "tree" to "cardboard box", drawing the contemporary parallel. If it were legal to live in the Park I might try it, but if everybody moves in it'll be just like the city. I mentioned something about the whole world becoming a park, without the extremes of wilderness or city, but are we all destined to be beggars?

- alex 9-17-2002 6:01 pm [add a comment]

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