Reality TV is finally getting interesting. The point is not individuals and their "realness", but polling, which abstracts them. Polling has transformed politics in the last century, and now Argentina is going to choose a presidential candidate through a TV contest. This may start out as a species of joke, but who knows where it could lead?
(NY Post story in comments)

- alex 9-17-2002 6:17 pm


September 17, 2002 --

ARGENTINA, a country in despair at the state of its own
politicians, is turning to reality TV to chose a candidate to put
up for the next election.

A Buenos Aires television channel is launching a show
called "The People's Candidate" in which the winner will be
nominated as a candidate for the 2003 congressional
elections, representing a new party.

About 800 people have already auditioned for the show,
including retirees, transvestites and the unemployed. The
search is already underway as judges whittle the hopefuls
down to 16 who will appear on the show.

Viewers will vote for the candidate they want to represent
the People's Party the winner being announced Dec. 1.

Argentina is suffering one of its worst political and economic
crises in its history. Twenty percent of the workforce is
unemployed and many people are not able to access their
own money in banks.

The country has had five presidents in the past year.

Now if you think the reality craze has gotten pretty far out,
get this: Pepsi is reportedly in negotiations with the Russian
space program to put the winner of a reality show into

Advertising Age reports that Pepsi will pay $15 million for a
seat on the Soyuz space shuttle for the winner of an
as-yet-undertermined reality show.

The magazine quoted an unidentified Pepsi exec as saying:
"Anybody can sponsor a tour, but a seat in space is a very
unique opportunity."

Talks are also underway with an undisclosed network to air
the show.

- alex 9-17-2002 6:18 pm [add a comment]

as tv gets more real, film gets fakier w/ product placement. npr spoke yesterday on other advertising gimix to work where traditional ad's dont. They spoke of leaners. hot babes dropped into key clubs to order x brand vodka and loud speak it's virtues "tipple filtered ! no hangovers !. they also mentioned, fake tourists requesting that you take their picture w/ SONY cellphone/caeras. white male : "hey nice camera, what do you call that ?".

- bill 9-17-2002 6:48 pm [add a comment]

This is gonna be rad. Imagine when people start faking heart attacks and other life threatening conditions.

"Whoa, thought you were a gonner there. Good thing I learned CPR, came in handy on the front lines of Nam too. You need to see a doctor right away, can I give you a lift to the hospital? And say, what's that mouthwash you use?"
- steve 9-18-2002 5:34 am [add a comment]

mon(k)ey see, monkey do
- dave 9-20-2002 8:51 pm [add a comment]

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