new level of mobile geekdom -- Yesterday I received a Verizon wireless broadband PCMCIA card for my laptop. It was sustaining a few hundred kpbs and hitting peaks of 1.2 Mbps in my initial tests last night.
- mark 4-20-2006 10:50 pm

EV-DO. I am so jealous.
- jim 4-20-2006 11:12 pm [add a comment]

thats what JF has. held the sig dc-nyc whole way on the metroliner. cost per month?
- bill 4-20-2006 11:17 pm [add a comment]

Since I'm an existing voice customer, it's 59.95 per month, unlimited usage. We've vulnerable to outages of wired serviced (phone, DSL, power) in Boulder Creek, so I'm justifying the expense on the basis of having a backup.
- mark 4-20-2006 11:42 pm [add a comment]

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