A Brooklyn filmmaker bicycling to work in the rain was killed yesterday morning when he fell off his bike and tumbled underneath a truck on West Houston Street in Greenwich Village.

Derek Lake fell from his bicycle and rolled under a truck on West Houston Street near La Guardia Place on Monday, and was killed.
Bicyclist Hurt in Collision With Tow Truck (June 24, 2006)

The victim, Derek Lake, 23, a graduate of the School of Visual Arts who had recently finished directing his first feature, was declared dead at the scene after he was crushed beneath the wheels of a tractor-trailer going west, as it edged alongside a construction site that had narrowed the busy roadway from three lanes to one.

Mr. Lake was the third cyclist since 2005 to be killed on Houston Street, a six-lane crosstown thoroughfare that draws a large number of trucks and has a high number of accidents involving cyclists.

There were 24 fatal accidents involving bike riders last year across the city, the Police Department said.

- bill 6-27-2006 10:15 pm

i broke my collarbone in a bike accident on houston st.
- dave 6-28-2006 1:45 am [add a comment]

That street is far scarier than any I ride on.

If we could take a two of the vast number of billions that are being pissed away in Iraq, we could build a net work of highways in the bedrock under NYC to allow the big trucks to bypass the city streets, as the Norwegians did in Oslo.

- mark 6-28-2006 2:07 am [add a comment]

Trucks without sidebars downtown really suck for cyclists.
- sally mckay 6-29-2006 5:40 pm [add a comment]

side bars will have to go in place if the makers expect mini cars to sell as well.
- bill 6-29-2006 5:46 pm [add a comment]

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