- jim 12-10-2011 2:16 am

i always thought you needed some plants.
- dave 12-10-2011 3:01 am [add a comment]

Always such a pretty tree! Can't wait to see all the boy's loot!
- linda 12-10-2011 5:06 am [add a comment]

skinny and ryley in charge of our tree tomorrow while alice and i at the nutcracker, hope they don't bring home charlie brown's tree...
- linda 12-10-2011 5:10 am [add a comment]

Merry Christmas, Tree, people, persons, kids, girls, boys, pets, beings, postures, entities, others, the plasmate;

always amaze yourself to go another year & not disappear;

always fight cynicism, resentment & doubt with tenacity, forgetfulness, phytochemicals, yoga & a spouse.

- Muhkomor's (guest) 12-15-2011 10:23 pm [add a comment]

The tree came down last night. Lucas thought it would be too messy to take it downstairs through the building, so he convinced Dave to help him drop it out the window. Worked surprisingly well.

- jim 1-08-2012 5:10 pm [add a comment]

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