Bob Wier STAGE DIVES last night.......(takes only a couple minutes to see it)

- Skinny 4-26-2013 8:47 pm

looks like some shows are cancelled as weir is "unable to perform in any capacity" for a few weeks
- linda 5-02-2013 9:28 pm [add a comment]

Cindy Adams covered this in the Post:

SO, last week’s appearance of the Furthur, the band cobbled together by the Grateful Dead remains. You already maybe heard they played nine sold-out nights reliving old Dead songs at upstate Port Chester’s 1,800-seat Capitol Theater. One night, living legend Bob Weir — who graduated from school Magnum Cum Loaded — collapsed onstage and partner Phil Lesh announced: “Bobby’s having a little trouble tonight . . . because he hurt his shoulder.” Shoulder? He fell flat out. They schlepped him offstage.

Eventually they propped him up. Tie-dyed Deadhead fans stayed. And never stopping, the band played on.

Later, 12:45 a.m., on two nights they started up at the Copacabana, Main Street’s small nearby Brazilian steakhouse. Clearing out tables, the place held 100 people and the alive Deads did their thing all night.

Jerry Garcia’s daughter Trixie says the Capitol’s bar will be renamed Garcia’s.

Good staff work, as I doubt Cindy knows Bob Weir from Weir of Hermiston.
- alex 5-03-2013 1:26 am [add a comment]

Hurt shoulder made him eat lots of Vicodin than wine on top of that rumor has it.....Just bought my Eugene ticket.

- Skinny 5-03-2013 8:35 pm [add a comment]

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