as i was riding by i just assumed there was an early hannukah sale at j & r. turns out it was a casting call for the next mel brooks zombie movie.

spoiler: the messiah did it.

- dave 6-10-2013 4:53 pm

just riding by or hanging with your people. maybe you can tell me how to get the payot to curl so perfectly, i was always curious.
- linda 6-10-2013 7:35 pm [add a comment]

its the flip side of the neurosis gene. its just the result of a nervous tic. they are just constantly twirling their hair. my guess is they are overcompensating for something.

(from what i can tell that is more or less the truth, the twirling part, though the neurotic nature of it is supposition.)

- dave 6-10-2013 7:56 pm [add a comment]

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