After 93 losses from an unlikable last place team last year, the Boston Red Sox, rebuilt and renewed, today stand one victory away from their third world championship in 10 years, and what would be the most improbable of them all. Not only can the Red Sox complete the worst-to-first turnaround, but they can also provide something to their nation of fans that nobody under the age of 95 has seen: The Sox winning the World Series at home. Game 6 is Wednesday night at Fenway Park, and oh, Lord, how we must hope the old lady's mortar holds, what with the noise and emotional thunder that will bear down upon her 101-year-old bones.

Only in 1912 and in 1918 did the Sox win the World Series at Fenway, the last time in front of only 15,238 fans in an early September series of a season abbreviated because of World War I. Babe Ruth was a defensive replacement late in the 2-1 clinching win at the Fens against the Cubs.

- Skinny 10-29-2013 2:41 pm

i think they are stretching for storylines with this one. its one thing to not win in 85 years and quite another not to clinch a victory at home. but what else are they going to write about, facial hair?

and although i am not watching i still hear things. outside of their ill conceived managerial selection last year they were beset with injuries. so the worst to first notion is somewhat overplayed although no one expected them to be more than middling this season.

and just because i was curious last night i checked the preseason odds for both teams to win the world series. cardinals were 20 to 1 and boston was 25 to 1. either way some happy gamblers out there if there is such a thing.
- dave 10-29-2013 3:37 pm [add a comment]

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