In the starting your day off with a bang department (could have been the safe driving thread, but…) Shortly after dawn yesterday, as I was entering Calvert Vaux Park along the Belt Parkway at Bay 44th St, a car came skidding over a rise in the Parkway, smashed through the guardrail, rolled over a few times, and came to rest on the grass strip between the highway and the service road, no more than fifteen yards from me. There were flames coming from under the hood, and I immediately dialed 911. As I was calling, the driver popped out and ran clear as the fire spread. Before I could explain everything to the 911 operator, an emergency vehicle was on the scene, followed quickly by a couple of police cars; they questioned the driver, who indicated that no one was trapped in the car, which was now entirely engulfed in fire. I moved on, but judging by the duration of the column of smoke, the fire was quickly extinguished. When I passed the spot on the way home there was little evidence beyond the crumpled guardrail, a few pieces of debris, and a small charred spot on the grass. In protest of the cultural trend towards substituting documentation for experience, I did not take any photos. 

- alex 3-02-2014 7:29 pm

Damn! Sounds like that scene from goddards weekend. the trailer is on YouTube but I wont link to it.
- bill 3-02-2014 8:12 pm [add a comment]

This manner of driving is sometimes referred to as "too much speed for the available talent."
- mark 3-04-2014 11:51 pm [add a comment]

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