j & r closed for the foreseeable future.

- dave 6-02-2014 8:04 pm

Do they own that property? I can't imagine that putting a bunch of money into building something new in order to go up against Amazon in electronics retailing (where Amazon has limited overhead and the miraculous ability to not have to make any profits!) is in any way a winning move. Especially when (assuming they own the property) they could just cash out. But maybe they just like the business.
- jim 6-03-2014 2:47 am [add a comment]

Oh, or I guess ugly future building rendering is just a negotiating move. So they can say "Well, we have big plans and don't really want to sell, but...."
- jim 6-03-2014 2:49 am [add a comment]

The last Reno from the 90's was pretty cheesy. The lot closest to b way for the computer department. My guess was a partner project since they own the property already. Keep some ground floor and sell air rights. Dump the CDs and continue w electronics.
- bill 6-03-2014 3:36 am [add a comment]

They were a great success story in their day, took over the block bit by bit. I remember going to a seedy old billiard parlor on an upper floor there with DiBi in the early '80's. For a while they were in a sweet spot between the big chains and little independent operations. For music, they had a lot of inventory, and a lot of variety, with stuff you didn't see everywhere else. And the prices were good. But yeah, it's hard to see a future for that in today's marketplace.
- alex 6-03-2014 12:17 pm [add a comment]

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