asking $12 million for 4 storied 125 rivington

- dave 12-14-2015 3:15 pm

lets do the math. 12,000 sf total is 3000 sf per floor if you divide by 4 floors. one would figure 2 lofts per floor minus the hallway common area so the loft units are around 1300sf ea.
- anonymous (guest) 12-14-2015 4:06 pm [add a comment]

  • i didnt include the ground floor commercial. more like 2400 per floor.
    - dave 12-14-2015 4:17 pm [add a comment]

There are only 4 residential floors and one has rent stabilized tenants!!??!!

If they get 12 for that (I'm doubtful) then Theo's (empty) must be worth 18.
- jim 12-14-2015 8:21 pm [add a comment]

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