we've got a real stink bug infestation at our house. the cats won't even catch them.



- linda 12-30-2015 10:34 pm

Yours and every other house in Portland.

- steve 12-30-2015 10:48 pm [add a comment]

we got em too. I keep threatening to get dedicated (stink bug) dust buster (mini-vac) but so far we just sweep em up when they die.
- bill 1-01-2016 9:55 am [add a comment]

i don't find dead ones, they just fly around the house, dive bombing if you read in bed at night.
- linda 1-01-2016 2:20 pm [add a comment]

I'm talking about sucking up everything you see into the vac-sack.
- bill 1-01-2016 5:41 pm [add a comment]

we're more catch snd releasers, i prefer not to kill them. this cold spell might be affecting them all of a sudden, fingers crossed.
- linda 1-01-2016 7:43 pm [add a comment]

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