had some leaking issues w/my radiatiors when i tried to modulate the heat by half closing the valve. i guess barring some other systemic solution that would mitigate the leaking its either all the way open for sauna-level temps or completely off. i was fine with one radiator in the front off, but the other half of my apartment remained uncomfortably hot so i decided to see what it would be like with that shut off as well. i am not without heat altogether. there are at least four three inch pipes running floor to ceiling emanating heat plus whatever is rising from downstairs. havent been cold at all even with it being 4 degrees outside at the moment. those upgraded doublepane windows from like six years ago make all the difference. thanks whatshername for threatening to sue the landlord. i forgot her name. wait, it was britt. thanks britt!

- dave 2-14-2016 12:55 am

there is frozen condensation on the interior of metal frame right now. still plenty warm though.
- dave 2-14-2016 1:27 am [add a comment]

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