bought a bunch of american apparel t-shirts via some wholesale site. paid $8 instead of retail $18. they were snug to begin with but after a couple of washes the one ive worn was suddenly midriff bearing and not one worth bearing. i dont doubt the laundromat uses too much heat in washer and dryer as this is not my first go round with shrinkage but i chalk that up to the cost of not doing it myself. in actuality, i would ruin more clothes than they do for sure. so i looked it up. i guess some shrinkage is inevitable for these shirts but i was surprised when i measured that it was at least three inches off the bottom compared to an unworn, unwashed one. only one option, diet & exercise size up.
- dave 3-05-2016 1:07 pm

size UP
- Skinny 3-05-2016 4:07 pm [add a comment]

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