The Enduring Mystery Of 'Jawn', Philadelphia's All-Purpose Noun.

- jim 3-28-2016 4:10 pm


- bill 3-29-2016 12:07 am [add a comment]

" English dialect that mathematically follows the same rules as any other English dialect." O so now dialects mathematically follow rules because jawn. O chawne thy brest, And let me sink into thee.

Seriously? mathematically? like a five dollar rock follows a crackhead under a blanket mathematically. Like numbers are words mathematically. Like semantic bleaching is a thing because you read it on the internet you fucking retard Nazis of the New England Rational Guard. I think your loker cooked its shard a little too hard and rang your Liberty Bell.

- 💩💣💥 (guest) 4-06-2016 12:15 am [add a comment]

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