returning my air conditioner today. there was some high pitched rattle that had developed and it was within the 30 days that amazon would take it back so i swung into action. that primarily involved negotiating for an hour via chat to india in an effort to exchange for a new model at the same price (unclear at the moment if i was actually was successful) and procuring shipping labels, a box, bubble wrap and tape. i was worried about carrying the extra large box on the subway at near rush hour but was gifted with a near empty m train from home depot on 23rd st. 

but now im actively anxious as i await the doorbell as i have since i went out around 1130 when the ups truck arrived. i managed to slide the old a/c down to the ground floor and my new a/c was in the truck but the ups guy didnt want to take it until the truck was less encumbered. and i without dolly hadnt brought the 85 lb package to the truck nor was i interested in carrying away the new one. 

so i am at the mercy of the delivery guy. i assume he will attempt a delivery but im never sure he wont forget or fail in some way. also, i left the a/c by the door and i doubt it will somehow disappear into the bowels of chinatown but there is always that possibility. so lots of unnecessary anxiety just waiting waiting waiting to finish this task which then wont be finished until amazon honors the claims of an office drone half a lifetime away.

- dave 9-15-2016 2:54 pm

i should add i look out the window every 20 minutes or so expecting the truck to be gone. and now it is. maybe he'll be back but it would have taken him 90 seconds to take care of it. 

- dave 9-15-2016 3:23 pm [add a comment]

he came back. i had to go out an stalk him. needless to say the truck was completely empty at this point. 

- dave 9-15-2016 5:17 pm [add a comment]

since i always complain, ill say kudos to amazon. im sure because of their buying power they can lean dictate terms with their suppliers but they took back my item (within the allotted return time) without question and the drones made an effort to match my sale price for an exchange. they even sent out the new item prior to receiving the return. and for whatever reason they withheld the sales price difference, they made good with little effort on my part, and after dealing with the ups guy i was girding myself for disappointment. 

so, all hail our retail overlords. jeff bezos, forevah, or at least, until they screw up my next order.

- dave 9-15-2016 5:46 pm [add a comment]

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