last week: im just glad i wont have to deal with that handyman for a while...

- dave 9-19-2016 9:06 am

"...Gorgeous period details... Exposed wood... Great ventilation!..."

- jim 9-19-2016 9:28 am [add a comment]

- Skinny 9-19-2016 11:12 am [add a comment]

neighbors morning missive.


- dave 9-21-2016 11:58 am [add a comment]

told the handyman he owed me lunch if he didnt get here before noon after making me wait around all day yesterday before begging off til today. he promised an early morning start which led me to make my counter proposal. well, he arrived around 1120 but only to survey the room and win the bet on a technicality. since then he promised to return in 15 minutes to begin work which was nearly an hour ago.

- dave 9-21-2016 12:24 pm [add a comment]

patch it with sheetrock screwed in place. stucco it over with drywall compound and plaster of paris "hot-mix" till level with original, which done properly requires multiple applications (2 or 3) and paint landlord special white.


- bill 9-21-2016 2:08 pm [add a comment]

5 hours later he brought up to 2 5 gallon drums with tools and put down one sheet of plastic to cover the floors and now as far as i can tell he is sitting in a rented u-haul out front powering up his phone. i really want to murder this guy.

- dave 9-21-2016 4:53 pm [add a comment]

- steve 9-21-2016 11:16 pm [add a comment]

i never saw that. whats the reference?
- dave 9-21-2016 11:20 pm [add a comment]

  • At first glance I thought your photo was the movie poster.

    See it, might make you glad you aren't living in The Dakota.

    - steve 9-22-2016 8:05 am [add a comment]

your kidding right??
- Skinny 9-22-2016 12:15 am [add a comment]

  • this from mr ive watched one tv series in a decade? thin ice, skinny.

    im not a horror person even if this probably is more atmosphere than gore. just never got around to it. if it was on tcm some night i might have watched it but i havent bumped into it.

    - dave 9-22-2016 12:36 am [add a comment]

  • thanks for the laugh:>)
    - Skinny 9-22-2016 12:52 am [add a comment]

seams are taped and mud is mudded. needs to be sanded and its unclear who will end up doing that. he tried to sell me on the idea that sam wouldnt pay for it but what he meant was i dont want to be paid less for more work. ive already said i will paint. tomorrow early is clean up though the worst of it is gone.  havent really examined it up close but it seems like a reasonably good job for what can be expected. im sure ill find something new to complain about tomorrow.

once he got to work he was pretty efficient. worked for six hours with about an hour of downtime but he needed to clean up after removing a huge chunk of the ceiling with what looks to be a mini circular saw. was more than a little bit dusty. overall its about a sheet and a half of sheetrock which he managed to screw into place without assistance. in pieces not as a whole.



- dave 9-22-2016 12:59 am [add a comment]

the realization that 10 minutes of tacking up plastic sheeting around the walls would save you 3 hours of clean up on top of wondering if patching up the original crack would have made every other question of no consequence.

- dave 9-22-2016 11:34 am [add a comment]

- dave 9-22-2016 3:08 pm [add a comment]

he'll need to sand that. it's up to you to contain the dust. measure area and run out to get lowest mill plastic drop cloth avaible. duct tape in place tearing small 2" x 2" pieces from roll. vacume up promptly. or , live with rough texture painted white. not a horrible look in the context of the rest of your place. and i do think you have a nice place.

- bill 9-22-2016 7:04 pm [add a comment]

im painting but he relented to doing the sanding when the landlord started in on a harangue. when he gets around to doing is another question. supposed to be tomorrow but....

i also bought fresh paint for the floor. really looking forward to taping the baseboards. love to do it free hand but i am incompetent.

- dave 9-22-2016 7:09 pm [add a comment]

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