Merry Christmas 2016


- alex 12-24-2016 8:35 am

Love it Alex!!!! Skinny
- anonymous (guest) 12-26-2016 12:32 pm [add a comment]

Well, it’s happened. Appropriate for Zeppelin’s What Is and What Should Never Be to come up on the shuffle. And there’s a reason why I though a pig head was appropriate post-election. Here’s an alternate version:

I’m pretty cynical in these matters, but eight years ago after Obama’s election I was inspired enough to hope for a Phoenix-like resurrection for America, in this image:



But if you look again you may see the bird’s beak turned to horns on the head of a backward-looking goat (scapegoat?) That’s what I get for putting any faith in politicians.

- alex 1-20-2017 12:39 pm [add a comment]

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