my computer is telling me 94 degrees in the outside land. anyone confirm that anecdotally? 

- dave 5-18-2017 12:23 pm

streets are cooler than avenues

- bill 5-18-2017 1:57 pm [add a comment]

I went out at lunch. Itís hot, though thereís a nice breeze. The heat never seems so bad until it sets in over time, but if weíre getting 90ís in May it could be a long hot summer.
- alex 5-18-2017 2:17 pm [add a comment]


just found this website which locates very local weather measurment. enter an address and see what comes up.


here for temps / zoom in or out (- / +) for clarity


- bill 5-22-2017 10:00 am [add a comment]

  • congratulations on finding the second most popular weather site. 

    - dave 5-22-2017 11:11 am [add a comment]

  • I've used Weather Underground since the 20th century. For a while it was blocked it at work, I guess due to the name, but that's been fixed. Even so, either I made a mistake or they did, because I went out on Saturday and got rained on when I wasn't expecting it.
    - alex 5-22-2017 1:10 pm [add a comment]

  • I remember it but never used it and just found that feature of indexed temperatures (2nd link.)
    - bill 5-22-2017 1:30 pm [add a comment]

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