anybody ever go to the jane hotel? saw some comedy-type monologue show interspersed with a couple of songs last night. couple of the performer were good including the one i went to see, others not so much. but i was fortunate to get one of the last seats in the balcony though it was on a low couch and i had to spy the acts through the ironwork railing and occasionally fronds from a large plant. place definitely has a wes anderson vibe only slightly creepier. the room was cool though. here it is on its best day bathed in natural light. probably 25% shabbier in reality which is fine by me.


- dave 6-25-2019 8:48 am

I never have. I think Bree has. I always liked the building from the outside. Looks like a cool room. 

- jim 6-25-2019 11:07 am [add a comment]

  • i took the m14 bus! across 14th st to the hudson & w13th. walked to the west side and managed to walk past jane st (theres some weirdness there if you look at the map) all the way down to houston. saw a cop giving a motorcycle a ticket and made him take his phone out and find it on google maps. he was very nice about it. oh yeah, still dont have a data plan. 1 1/2 miles out of my way. i was 1/2 hour early so other than sitting up top it worked out.

    - dave 6-25-2019 1:07 pm [add a comment]

hotel was reno'd in 2009 by the same guys that did bowery hotel and the standard. the ballroom is modern-retro. pretty convincing.

- dave 6-25-2019 2:28 pm [add a comment]

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