RIP Mad Magazne


dont go away mad, just go away



- bill 7-04-2019 10:11 am

via Howie Pyro's fb page:
"Ok!!! MAD update! Somewhat good news! I spoke to a most trusted source...there’s still a MAD! There’s just been some lay offs & some changes made now that they’re owned by a huge cold of right now MAD is in biz & still going! One change is that after the next issue MAD will only be sold in direct market (aka comic stores, etc.). Subscriptions will be filled, even 2 year ones, but they’re not taking more. There’ll be more reprints & book publishing (that’s cool), MAD is being kept alive, they say don’t believe everything ya read on these here interwebz!! Most of all, if ya really care like ya seem to here on Facebook then GO OUT AND SUPPORT MAD AND YOUR LOCAL COMIC STORE!! This will keep MAD in business. And oh yeah-ALFRED E NEUMAN FOR PRESIDENT!"


- steve 7-04-2019 1:45 pm [add a comment]

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