Happy Birthday Vern Estes

- steve 1-08-2020 6:16 am

So not surprised that he looks like a pocket protector wearing kind of guy. I would find lost Estes rockets occasionally. Loved the parachute. 

- bill 1-08-2020 7:24 am [add a comment]

Maybe you found some of the ones my dad and I lost.


- steve 1-08-2020 11:24 am [add a comment]

The first I built was so heavily covered in paint it didn't go very high.  When I got a little better I built one with a large glider as its payload. Lost that one on the first launch.

- steve 1-08-2020 11:27 am [add a comment]

Did you light the fuse or use a battery?
- bill 1-09-2020 3:23 am [add a comment]

  • Fuses the first time, then went for the battery and deluxe launch pad.

    - steve 1-09-2020 7:21 pm [add a comment]

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