Now that German soccer is starting back up I guess skinny can give up the obsession with covid stats.
Would have posted this to 110% but I don't have permission. It's cool, i never got along with jocks anyway.

- steve 5-06-2020 10:33 am

Good news skinny, you can follow both!

- steve 5-06-2020 10:36 am [add a comment]

Well Steve I am not into German soccer, I like a splash of English but my team I so miss is the local woman's team Thorns and the NWSL. Which will not open soon.

Also due to serious cash crunch here, we have no cable TV anymore so I can't watch soccer period, minus re-run games on

I will never give up stats, Oregon has fallen to 39th place sadly but NH is rising with a bullet due to old folks homes:<(

The greatest stat is Hong Kong, 1000 cases and only 4 deaths. We need to hire them to help us.

- Skinny 5-06-2020 10:43 am [add a comment]

could be wrong but i think you can subscribe to pages at the bottom of each indivdual page under subscription. dont have any plans to watch the bundesliga but never say never. getting pretty bored of everything else.

- dave 5-06-2020 12:39 pm [add a comment]

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