all the outlets and lights that run on the old power in my apartment have been out for a week. basically the overhead lights, bathroom and closet and about seven or eight outlets that i use sparingly. so annoying but i have eight or nine outlets from the new power lines i got about seven years ago. had to use a few extension cords but otherwise not a huge imposition. 

called the landlord the first night and the handyman came over in short order. he was a little nonplussed that i didnt have an old fuse box in the apartment but seemed to have some idea how to proceed. i said it wasnt a rush job and that he could come the next day or so. saw him on saturday and he said he could do some wiring in the hall when i told him id be away most of the day. came home late. didnt seem like any work was done. saw him on the street monday. said he would come by later. never came. texted the landlord this morning. landlord talked to him. said he would be by this afternoon. no show to this point. 

came back from a bike ride with the landlord on my steps outside. we commisserated over how frustrating this guy can be. he lives in the landlords building but really acts like he is doing the landlord a favor by working for him. but the rub, of course, is that he is cheaper than licensed plumbers, electricians or carpenters. still, he is edging towards getting rid of him but he cant quite get himself to do it.

anyway. the guy, lets call him, ricky, was offended that the landlord asked if he could handle the job, like maybe it was beyond his skill level. perfectly innocuous question. some things take a little more know-how. there have been other electricians working on the renovations who are supposed to be here anyway on saturday. so if he doesnt get it done they will be engaged for the work. same guys that did the electrical work here seven years ago. they will be efficient and reliable which probably is worth the extra cost especially if you are not paying and are tired of headaches.

- dave 5-06-2021 8:30 pm

may your future be bright.....

- Skinny 5-07-2021 9:22 am [add a comment]

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