this shit is all over the place because of the times op ed piece yesterday. who knew when i was lounging on canal street drinking beers at dusk in the closed off street last summer that i was in the heart of twenty something douchey rich kid anti-woke hipsterdom. if only they reviled the skateboarders half as much as i did we could have found common cause over a pilsner, as long as they were buying. i mean, i listened to my neighbor drone on about soil for the garden im sure he still hasnt started for a free beer, im sure id be delighted to hear how stultifying life is among the "avant guards" in bed stuy. is that where they are now? i draw the line at converting to catholicism. im soaking in it right now up here. there is nothing transgressive or transcendent about transubstantiation.

- dave 8-10-2022 7:43 pm

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